Written by Rev Moscato on 05/15/2017

The Microsoft file managing systems, New Technology File System (NTFS) and the Resilient File system (ReFS) make the storage retrieval of file easy on your computer. The NTFS has been there for years, but in 2012 Microsoft came up with the ReFS which the company says it’s much reliable than the NTFS. However many people […]

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How to upgrade your Mac OSX

Written by Rev Moscato on 10/28/2016

Before you upgrade your macOSX, you must make sure that you are cleaning and safe upgrade that is free from junks or any viruses. This ensures that everything will be safe and free from any malware that may interfere with everything after the command has been made a .an upgrade is always made because the […]

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What to know about Easy BCD

Written by Rev Moscato on 07/11/2016

The easy BCD is software that helps to set up computer multi-boot environment easily. Setting a multi-boot on your computer can be very hectic especially when using the standard operating system. Different computer experts recommend the use of EasyBCD as it proves to be very efficient and secure to use thus enabling quick multi-boot setting. […]

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Why Mac is better than Linux

Written by Rev Moscato on 02/05/2016

Macintosh is a successful graphical based operating system with 3D appearance characteristics and comes in different versions’ operating system is made with a modular design to make it easier to add features in the future. It’s designed by Apple for Apple and Macintosh computers. On the other hand, Linux is a command based operating systems […]

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HFS+ vs. NTFS File System

Written by Rev Moscato on 12/04/2014

A file system is quite essential for a laptop or computer because it helps in data management on the different partitions of a computer in an orderly manner. The HFS+ and NTFS are well-known file systems in the market. However, unless you are a computer guru, the knowledge about these two can be hard to […]

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